The Walleys Quarry Community Fund has distributed over £2.4m to community and environmental projects across Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire since 2017.

Projects which directly benefit the community or local environment could be eligible for funding.

Eligible projects within a 7 mile radius of Walleys Quarry (ST5 6SB) can apply for funding. The types of projects that would be eligible to receive grant money from the Community Fund include:

Public Parks and Amenities:
Providing, maintaining or improving a public park or amenity which directly benefits the general public, including community centres and village halls, public sporting facilities, and bridleways and cycle paths.

The park or amenity should be open to the general public for at least four evenings or two days a week, or at least 104 days a year. The park or amenity should not be restricted to a specific user group defined by age, gender, race or disability etc. The park or amenity must be run on a not-for-profit basis.

Conservation of Biodiversity:
The conservation or recovery of a species in its natural habitat OR the provision, conservation, restoration or enhancement of a natural habitat.

Restoration of Religious Buildings or Buildings of Architectural or Historical Interest:
Maintenance, repair or restoration of a religious place of worship or a building of historical or architectural interest which is open to the general public and is not-for-profit.

If your project is within 7 miles of Walleys Quarry, Cemetery Road, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 6SB you could be eligible for funding.


Contact us to check if your project is eligible for the Community Fund. Successful applications may be funded to any amount up to the requested figure.We work closely with the Derbyshire Environmental Trust who administer the Landfill Communities Fund on our behalf. The Derbyshire Environmental Trust was established in August 1997 to meet the need for landfill tax contributions to go through an environmental body.

Follow the below steps

1. Request application pack and seek guidance on the eligibility of your project.
2. Complete the application form and return to Derbyshire Environmental Trust along with any supporting documents/ information.
3. Your application will be reviewed by the Community Fund Committee. Applicants will be informed of the decision by letter.
4. If successful, obtain and submit copies of at least three competitive quotations for the work.
5. Derbyshire Environmental Trust will seek to adopt the project and register it with ENTRUST (the national regulator of the Community Fund).
6. Once registration is confirmed, applicants will be sent a draft legal agreement and asked to provide the Third Party Contribution.
7. After the Third Party Contribution has been received and the formal contract agreed, work may begin.Applications are accepted all year round. The Community Fund panel meets 3-4 times per year to review applications.

Request an Application Pack

In your application, you should NOTE...

Community benefits of the project. For example, how many people will benefit from it, improvement of facilities, etc.


Any environmental benefits of the project. For example, through the use of recycled materials, improving appearance of the area, enhancing biodiversity etc.

Community support or involvement in the project (e.g. fundraising or volunteering).

Estimated total project costs.

Requested amount of funding from the Community Fund and details of the Third Party Contributor(s) who will pay 10% of the grant awarded.

Estimated start and end dates of the project.


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